Sontosh Kumar from Calcutta was much appreciated for his standard. He has good prstural grace, layakari (rhythmic dexterity) and elan in abhinaya.

His opening Shiva bandana itself eshtablished support with the audience. His amad, toda, tukde, tihai all revealed his laya control

The Times of Ondia 1988





Young and thoroughly groomed he performed nritya with ease and precision. In particular the paran, the laadis and the chakkars were praise worthy.

His tayyari and control over tala-laya are commendable as was visible in both Teental and Jhaaptal.

Sontosh excelled in executing tha chakkars if split second percision.


The Statesman 1985





The rhythm came from the bare foot of Sontosh Kumar of India. The feet stabs instead of stamp.


The sound is muted and hard similar to flamencoyet different. it sets the tone for the whole concert, The subtitle of which is "Shared tradition - Shared roots".


Star Tribune 1994

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